Saturday, January 28, 2012

dear fellow word flingers...

Well it appears that we have overwhelmed with over 2600 comments on the previous post.  The end of that comment thread is no longer accessible.  I am now facing the tough decision of whether to close out the blog altogether, or start a fresh new post so we can go merrily on our way.  Okay, here's to another five years of playing a pointless game with no winners and virtually no rules.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The whole point of this blog is to play a little word-association game (an idea I borrowed from The Thinklings). This will be the sole post on this site. All the action will be in the comment thread which I'm hoping will never end. I will start by putting a word in the comments and you just make an association with that word. The next commenter does the same thing and so on and so on. Of course this sounds like a stupid idea unless you really like words, or you really like stupid ideas. So check the comment thread and leave your two cents.

Here's a little tip for anyone fed up with the tedium
of getting to the bottom and then back to the top of
the comment thread. Once you're in the comment
area just left click (outside of the comment box itself)
and then hit the "end" button on your keyboard.
That should zoom you to the last comment. Then hit
the "home" button and you'll fly back to the top.
I know some are saying "duh" but not all of us know
this stuff. Dawn thinks I should start a new post,
every so often, so the thread isn't so long.
Any opinions?